Blue Odysea provides Freediving experiences that connect people to the underwater world, by connecting them first to their own body, mind and heart. Founded by national record holder Raghda Ezzeldin, and Ahmed Soliman, who previously founded Egypt Freedivers and introduced many people to the sport through Freediving trips and training camps. Their combined efforts have greatly supported the growth of the sport in Egypt, and now they hope to widen their scope and apply Freediving as a tool to provide eye opening experiences aimed at spreading a nature-connected and mindful world view.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and execute water based programs that expand participants physical, mental and emotional awareness and help them understand and adjust their relationship with the water, themselves and with others. Our programs help participants become conscious of their limiting beliefs, emotional blockage, physical tension and provide them with tools that allow them to recognize, understand and untangle them.

Our Values

Freediving is a mental and physical experience that deeply connects humans within and without: to his own self, and to the ocean and its creatures. The connection one feels through Freediving ignites love and passion for the living world beneath the surface. We believe that once a person gets intimately introduced to the marine world through Freediving, one automatically becomes aware of the underwater world and its splendor. Instantly, the ocean is no longer a big blue unknown to which we feel indifferent, rather a home to a life deeply connected to our own.

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